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Visual Expression

Ren Beaulieu's packaging design is a meaningful language of the six senses. It holds the power to elevate every facet of understanding.

Just as a well-orchestrated symphony blends various instruments into a harmonious melody, the tea packaging design brings together diverse elements into a seamless whole. Our designs are a reflection of the harmony we seek to create.

Flower of life close up

Design Elements

The Sun Rise Collection design concept has the unique ability to capture the essence of the intricate qualities of our teas, the beauty of nature, and the transformative power of Ren Beaulieu.

Flower of life transformation

Discovering Sun Rise

Our design ideology is not merely a geometric design; it's a gateway to the mysteries of the universe. Its symmetrical perfection, formed by multiple evenly-spaced circles, has intrigued scholars, artists, and seekers of enlightenment for centuries. It is a blueprint that echoes through time and space, revealing the underlying harmony that unites all of creation.

Patterns & Curves

  1. The primary pattern is an ageless symbol, one such embodiment of intricate beauty, a radiant tapestry of interconnectedness that has inspired us deeply.

2. This symbol transcends us beyond cultural and spiritual boundaries, and it resonates deeply with Ren Beaulieu's philosophy. Just as each circle in the Flower is connected, so too are the elements that shape our brand—tea, nature, craftsmanship, and transformation. It is a reminder that all aspects of our world are interwoven in a delicate dance, and that connection is the essence of life.

3. The pattern serves as the visual heart of the Sun Rise collection—a symbol that encapsulates our reverence for nature's beauty, the pursuit of perfection, and the joy of the sun. Just as each circle in the Flower contributes to the whole, every element of the Sun Rise collection contributes to a larger vision of extraordinary tea experiences.