Luxury Organic Tea

Ren Beaulieu's luxury Tea is a curated selection of exquisite loose leaf teas and tea bags, ranging from timeless classics like Earl Grey, English Breakfast tea, to revitalizing green teas. Discover the essence of pure tea craftsmanship, handpicked for connoisseurs. Explore Ren Beaulieu's exclusive tea gift packs. Treat yourself to the highest-grade tea, or impress your guests with Ren Beaulieu's statement pieces.

Rare, Handpicked, and One of a kind Tea Craftsmanship

At Ren Beaulieu, we redefine luxury tea by crafting each collection with unwavering dedication and a commitment to perfection. We believe that true artistry takes time, and that's why we focus on one collection at a time, dedicating years to its creation and refinement.


"Ren Beaulieu is a story that lies deep within our hearts. it's a story in the warmth of family moments shared over a cup of tea. Joined by my two sisters, we created Ren Beaulieu as a tribute to cherished memories with our beloved mother and the enduring power of those shared experiences. And our stories are woven into each leaf, each blend that we bring to you today.
We take great pride and care when crafting our bespoke collections. For us, luxury is an art, a form of resilience, love, and passion. What you find in our store is what we truly enjoy as a family at home, the teas that are the highest grades. Our selection process takes more than a year; we examine the lands, soil, and waters in which these tea plants grow. We look into workers' living conditions and how they are being treated. 
We bring you Sun Rise, Luxury, Organic Tea, and warmly invite you to our beloved home traditions and our hearts, and to be part of the story that we have just begun!"
Thil, Co-founder
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